PRPDG is an independent contractor whose professionals have a long track record helping blue-chip companies in the manufacturing industry to overcome production and engineering challenges using expertise in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and systems.

PRPDG’s Mission

To use its wealth of experience and resources to provide the right people experts ready to deliver the best results in their contracted positions.

PRPDG Values

Its clients’ goals and expectations are its first priority. The group’s mission is to treat needs with the importance, urgency and professional/job experience background needed, and most importantly, is committed to provide the exact resources necessary to fulfill position requirements.

To provide the best staffing services with most qualified people.

To treat all employees equally, with empathy, dignity and respect.

PRPDG believes in proactive empowerment of staff through the clear establishment of objectives.


The company’s standing in Puerto Rico’s highly competitive manufacturing industry traces directly to the legacy of founder Isabel Piñeiro PE, an engineer recognized for her expertise in project engineering, validation, billing, the supervision of construction, mechanical process design and pharmaceutical production supervision for dozens of companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biopharma industries.