What kind of candidate am I?

Active or passive?

Human resource experts often discuss this topic, yet some candidates are still unable to identify which category they belong to. Through our PRPDG Glossary, you will have the opportunity to understand these concepts, frequently used by human resource personnel, and you will also be able to identify which team best suits you:

Active Candidate Team vs Passive Candidate Team

PRPDG Glossary

  • Active Candidate: A person who is looking actively for a job.
  • Passive Candidate: A person who is not looking for a new job, but it is a good candidate for a new job opportunity.

Use the following situations to identify whether you are an active or passive candidate:

  • Situation 1 – Think for a moment that the company where you are currently working, decided to do a restructuration and your position has been eliminated, but you can not be without a job! After receiving the resignation letter, rapidly you will start looking for a job.
    • Active candidate
  • Situation 2 – You are working in your dream job but your LinkedIN account is very attractive and a recruiter has decided to contact you for a new job opportunity.
    • Passive Candidate
  • Situation 3 – During a networking activity, you are with colleagues talking about their company and as part of the conversation, one of them mentions a new job opportunity in their company. You are not looking for a job,
    • Passive candidate


  1. Looking for a new job could be a little complicated, but you will need motivation and a plan to make the process more effective.
  2. Do not close doors to any new job opportunities, because you do not know what good surprises life has in store for you.
  3. Continuously evaluate your skills in accordance with the new market’s needs.