5 ways to maximize your internship/co-op

If you’re currently a university student, or a recent graduate, it’s likely that you’re looking for a way to learn about professional working environments in the field that interests you, without necessarily having the responsibility of a full time job. These types of experiences are called internships or co-ops.   PRPDG Glossary:  Internship– Consists of working for a company (in your […]

How can I identify my area of expertise?

If someone asked you what you are good at, would you know the answer? You may have no idea what talent or skill you can take advantage of. It is also normal to think things like: “I would really enjoy a change of environment!” or “What industry would really be the best for me?” First […]

How to project a professional image at a job interview

If, for a moment, you thought that in this blog you are going to find information about what brand of clothing will make you look more professional, or what is the secret formula to carry out a perfect job interview, we are sorry to tell you that you will not find it here. The reality […]

Golden Rules to Manage Your Time

Do you feel you have more and more responsibilities as time goes by, and that the time you have isn’t enough? Being organized is a key element when achieving goals, because if there’s no discipline or consistency, we’ll never be able to finish anything. Remember that an important part of time management is BALANCE, like […]

How to answer difficult questions in an interview

If you were able to get an interview, congrats! You’ve gotten to a very important part of the recruiting process, and this means that your resume was interesting enough for them to want to learn more about you. It’s no secret that we ARE going to face difficult questions during an interview, or maybe they’re […]

What is my career path?

Imagine, just for a moment, this hypothetical employee situation. Juan has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and just before graduating, he had his first professional experience through an internship with a multinational company. After finishing, they offered him a full-time regular position. Sounds great, right? Of course! Fast forward 15 years later, Juan feels […]

Are you ready to change jobs?

Right now, you may be considering making a career change. Why? There can be many reasons, maybe you don’t like the environment, you haven’t really connected with your colleagues or team, or simply because the work you do every day isn’t what you expected. Regardless of what your reason is, there will always be new […]

The Role of Women in Chemistry

Women + Chemistry: Name a better duo! We loved having the opportunity to talk to Victoria Martínez González, secretary of the Governing Board of Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico, about the struggles that women face in the scientific community, and how they can work through them. This Wednesday was all about #GirlPower! Here are […]

The importance of a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry

What are the roles of a chemist in the pharma industry? We would like to thank Ing. Juan J. Santiago Olivares, ex-president of the Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico, and current vice president of RSJ Consulting Services, for accepting our invitation to discuss the qualities that a chemist needs in order to work in […]

Guinea pigs and chemistry

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, we welcomed Lic. Olvin A. Ortiz, delegate of the East region of Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico, to our Facebook live, this time, to talk about the process for developing pharmaceuticals locally and internationally, among other topics. Find out which chemical experiments throughout history were performed on the island, […]