What you should know about the company you’re applying to

You did it! You got the interview for the job you are applying to. Having reached this point is a great accomplishment, because not everybody makes it through to the formal interview round. Now the question is, what should you do before the big day? You must research the company to get to know their […]

What abilities are most looked at by recruiters in an interview?

Soft skills vs hard skills  Generally, most recruiters look for candidates that possess a combination of both hard and soft skills, for any type of job. In this blog you will learn what each of them are, and how you can include them in your resume to stand out at any job interview.  PRPDG Glossary:  […]

The best 5 ways to educate yourself

Curiosity is a distinctive quality of human beings, which is why it is unnatural to limit ourselves and become specialists in only one subject. If you want to be a chef and a lawyer, you can. If you like art and science, you can do both. The only thing that is constant in this world […]

Referral programs and their benefits

If you are looking for a job, there is a lesser known but just as effective way by which you can get a job interview: referral programs. If you have a relative or friend who works somewhere that interests you, don’t be afraid to ask them if they have referral programs at their company, the […]

Motivate yourself to find your dream job

If there’s one thing everyone knows to be true, it’s that the search for your dream job is anything but easy. Finding the right one will depend on your level of motivation, and on the plan you develop to reach your goal. The following tips will help you move in the right direction: PRPDG Glossary  […]

What kind of candidate am I?

Active or passive? Human resource experts often discuss this topic, yet some candidates are still unable to identify which category they belong to. Through our PRPDG Glossary, you will have the opportunity to understand these concepts, frequently used by human resource personnel, and you will also be able to identify which team best suits you: […]