The Chemical Engineer in the Manufacturing Industry

What does a chemical engineer do? How can they use their knowledge in the manufacturing industry? Last Wednesday, October 14, the PRPDG team was able to interview Ing. Arturo García de la Noceda, president of the Chemical Engineers Institute of the CIAPR, about all the different tasks and responsibilities that are part of a chemical […]

Technological Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

On Wednesday, October 7th, we had the opportunity to interview Eng. Carlos Isaac-Romero, president of the Carolina Chapter of the Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico (CIAPR), and director of manufacturing at Envasadora Azúcar. We discussed rising technological trends in the manufacturing industry, and up next, we will be sharing the most important […]

Industrial engineering: Key factor in the manufacturing industry

On Wednesday, September 30th of 2020, the PRPDG team had the opportunity to interview Eng. Luis A. Torres Fernández, president of the Industrial Engineers Institute from the CIAPR and General Manager of C-Axis, about industrial engineering as a key factor in the manufacturing industry. Here we will be sharing some of the most important talking […]

Working with a multidisciplinary team: Advantage or disadvantage?

This 2020 has made our working environment evolve in almost every aspect. So much so, it’s likely that during this process you’ve noticed that it’s almost impossible to work alone; in many cases, you will need a team to support you, whether it be by providing new ideas, or helping with the work load. But […]

The Role of Engineering in Puerto Rico’s Manufacturing Industry

We recently talked about the future of the manufacturing industry in Puerto Rico, after White House representatives visited the island and were impressed with our variety in infrastructure, and our ability to manage many different types of manufacture. We saw that, as a result of this visit, there will be a high demand for specific […]

Consultant or regular employee?

For quite some time, people who were actively looking for a job had as a first, and maybe only option, to accept a position as a regular employee. With time, this idea and the working environment have evolved, and working from 8 to 5 in an office just isn’t for everybody. As a result, other […]

What to expect from the manufacturing industry on the island?

Manufacture has always been an essential industry for Puerto Rico’s economy since the 40s when, at that time, it overpowered agriculture. Even though the manufacturing industry has faced many obstacles over the last decades, like for example Hurricane María, it’s been able to maintain itself as one of Puerto Rico’s principal economic activities. PRPDG Glossary: […]

The future of recruiting

The only thing that’s constant in the world is change, and thanks to technology and other influencing factors, everything’s changing at a rapid pace. Because of this, our experts in Human Resources will explain which upcoming trends can be expected in years to come, and how they’ll affect candidates/employees and recruiters. PRPDG Glossary: Recruitment– It’s […]

Why should I join a professional association?

It’s likely that during your academic or professional life, you’ve considered joining an association, whether it be because they sent you an invitation or because you’ve heard of them and were interested. Maybe you asked yourself this: How will I benefit from this? Is it really worth it? No matter what your reasons are to […]

What experiences should I include in my resume?

It’s normal for someone to feel stuck while writing their resume, especially when it’s time to create the work experience section. You may feel as if all your past experiences have nothing to do with the job you’re applying to, or maybe you haven’t had any experience at all. This usually happens to recent college graduates, […]